Session 1 POD Johnathan Van Horn Garage Band to CPA To Self Awareness

Welcome to Podcasts of Dentistry #POD. This is session #1.

Today’s Session is with the podcaster Johnathan Van Horn, of Start your dental practice podcast.

He is a writer, CPA, and intimately related to the world of dentistry. He discusses everything from podcasting, to his Garage Band. We talk about his podcast, his techniques, his confession about naming DentistMetrics. how he entered dentistry, and got his first client, His story about being a guitar player to his best purchase. We even delve into talking about self awareness and how to get it. I am just a novice in the whole game of self awareness but listening to him I feel i can do some of it. His morning rituals, his productive hacks and tricks, his favorite episodes from SYDP, his favorite books and everything in between. I hope you like this session as much as I do.


  • Why I chose Podcasting
  • Who was instrumental in starting this podcast
  • How Jonathan ended up in the world of dentistry even though he is a CPA
  • Confessions about naming DentistMetrics
  • How he got his first client
  • Who would he like to be? a Base Guitar player or a CPA
  • What is self awareness
  • His Hacks and rocketbook
  • Morning Rituals
  • His most influential podcast episodes
  • His recommended books

 Todays Episode is sponsored by RocketBook. I hate wasting paper. If I could I would not use pen and paper at all. But I love the feeling of writing and drawing with pen on a nice paper. Somehow I feel I am connected to it. But always hated the fact that i cannot bring my drawings or ideas to the digital world.

Now Rocketbook is the exact amalgamation of both the physical and the virtual world. Hear this, you can draw or write on the rocketbook, take a picture with their rockebook app and magically it cleans the picture and sends it to Google drive, evernote, dropbox one drive, one note, slack, box, icoud,imessage or even classic email. Just configure the symbols once, and thats it. You snap a picture and your drawings or plans or notes, are right in the drive or dropbox or anything that you choose to send it to. once you are done, simply use a moist towel and you can erase it…only to be used again. Saving paper. Rockebook

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